Benefit From An Incentive Program
That is Built On Art, Science, & Over 30
Years Of Experience.
Want to build a positive company culture that increases employee engagement, improves retention rates, and acknowledges loyal employees but don't have the time or know how to do so?
We have developed an easy-to-use platform that connects and rewards employees.
Rivetly's recognition, rewards, and
incentive program will help you

Reward employees who make a difference through employee service awards.

Improve employee engagement through our employee recognition program.

Retain your top talent and keep them feeling satisfied and valued in their position.

Drive sales with desirable incentives.

Team Awards

There is a problem, and Rivetly can help you solve it. A high percentage of employees quit their jobs because of unpleasant company culture. When company culture suffers, so does the business.

Did you know?


Employees who are recognized are very unlikely to look for a new job.


Employees would put more effort and energy into their work if they were recognized for it.


Estimates that it can take twice the annual salary of an employee to replace them, yet many companies have yet to prioritize employee rewards and recognition.


Employees who are recognized are very unlikely to look for a new job.

You need to invest in good company culture to improve retention rates,
increase productivity, and maintain a positive employee brand.
What if there was a platform that helped your company better engage employees,
consumers, contractors, channel partners, and businesses? 
Well, there is. Rivetly will bring your organization's values and strategies to life.

The Rivetly platform:

  • Is super easy to set up so that your company can start recognizing employees. This helps reduce the cost and time required to deploy a successful program.
  • Helps you deploy a sales incentive program to increase sales and attract new customers.
  • Runs all your milestone programs, Rivetly social recognition, team awards, and sales incentive programs on one easy-to-use platform.
  • Provides a wide selection of gift cards, eGift cards, and prepaid Visa cards to please all of your employees.
Achieving the following goals is just a few clicks or a phone call away.
Gain expert HR support and unparalleled industry knowledge.
Increase employee engagement to become more profitable.
Utilize an employee success platform that yields results and protects your reputation.
Team Awards
Rivetly Social Recognition
Sales Incentives
This has been a wonderful experience with Rivetly. Since I've been with my company for many years, this is the best recognition program I've seen. This is a great way to recognize colleagues who have gone above and beyond. Previously, our old system was too complex and people wouldn't spend the time on it. My first observation was that people who didn't use the old system were using Rivetly

Raymond Bankston

Discover How Easy & Effective It Is To Create Stronger Connections By Building The Foundation Of A Successful Company
Whether your goal is to sell more products, increase conversion rates, or build a winning employee engagement program, now is the time to take action — Rivetly can help.


Implement an employee success platform that makes your team feel appreciated. 
By recognizing and showing appreciation to your employees, you will improve their self-confidence and increase motivation levels. This will lead to greater pride, allowing them to be more responsible in their work. After all, 37% of employees consider recognition the most important thing a manager or a company could do to help them be successful.


Ready to connect with other leaders to learn the evolving best practices and how to appreciate value and leadership better?
Whether you need help implementing a return-to-work policy, increasing sales, or gaining perspective on what other companies are doing, it is time to talk about the importance of strategy, value, and leadership. 


Are you seeking better results? Want to launch successful incentive programs?
If your goal is to promote new products or services, boost sales, attract more customers and channel partners increase conversions, it is time to build a sales incentive program that fulfills your needs. Discover how to quickly and easily define YOUR objectives.
HR Professionals Are Already Using Rivetly To Get Their Service Award Program Right The First Time. When Will You?
Working with companies of all sizes, including Fortune 500 HR teams, Rivetly helps its members reduce the risk of making costly mistakes. It is time to create a company culture that contributes to monetary results.
This allows us to recognize people from all around the world very quickly, which is something that would be difficult to achieve in a typical human resources system... Seeing this is a wonderful feeling.

Paula Bell

Rivetly... enabled us to digitize our award program and make it more user-friendly.

Brad Passin

We believe our core values are an important part of our culture, and we wanted all employees to be able to recognize and reinforce those values. The team at Rivetly gets it

Beth Walker

The Rivetly software fosters genuine human connection, enabling its employees to be the best versions of themselves in their roles

V. Gunasekara

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